Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo collage letters - wall decor diy

I made these photo collage letters many years ago, but since I took a picture of them for my Day 25: Something you made #Janphotoaday today, I thought I'd share. These usually hang on my wall with various black and white family photos.


Paper or wood letters
I found letters at my local art supply store. They come in various sizes and materials. These happen to be wood.  I chose the first letter of each of my boys. They happen to be "M" and "E."  I like the narcisistic "ME" it spells out.

Photocopied or printed pictures

Decoupage medium
(I use Mod Podge Glue, Matte Finish)

Acrylic paint for edges
(I used black)

1)  Print your favorite photos of each child in black and white (color would be nice, too).

2)  Cut each photo out.

3)  Glue them to the letter with the decoupage medium (watered down white glue). Be sure to overlap the photos for a cleaner collage effect.

4)  Let dry (no worries, it will dry clear). Coat with another layer of decoupage medium. Let dry again. Repeat 2 to 3 times for optimum coverage/protection.

5)  Paint the edges whatever color you'd like.

Hang.  Enjoy.  This is an easy project that will bring you years of smiles.
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