Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do it yourself guest Makeup Washcloth

Here's an easy do it yourself project that will add comfort to your house guest's stay.  Purchase several black face clothes and add a lush ribbon and "makeup washcloth" tag.  Now your light or white towels will stay white and your guests will not worry about leaving mascara marks.  They are a great attention to detail your guests will appreciate.

These tags can be easily written by hand or feel free to print out the tags I made.  I used a 2" hole punch to cut out my circles but you can also cut them out by hand (pinking shears, too).  Here's a gift idea:  put together a basket of 3 or 5 and give them as a gift to a friend for their guests.  Get creative...Enjoy!

Printable Makeup Washcloth tags here.


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