Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Not - by Crafted by Lindy - Fab Finds from Etsy

 Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. Rainy Day Blue - ImagineStudio
2. Handmade Rustic Oak Leaf Tags for Wedding Favors - peaseblossomstudio
3. Bunny Greeting Card set of 4 easter spring blank note - Bunderful
4. Spring flowers - Asymmetrical sundress in mint green floral and red toile - TheMeasure
Top to Bottom, Left to Right

5.  GROW Little House Village - thelittlereddoor
6. Vintage 60s Navy Cotton Linen Mini Summer Dress - aiseirigh
7. wood ring. maple wood - somethingshidinghere
8. Cotton paper origami lampshade - nellianna

[Lindy lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, son and daughter. Besides blogging, she enjoys running her stationery business and creating new designs for her Etsy shop. You can read her own blog here]


  1. thanks so much for featuring my little GROW village :)

  2. Wow...this is simply beautiful. Yoy ahve a fantastic blog. Thank you so much for showing my work. Best wishes going your way,
    Lyse (imaginestudio)


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