Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where to shop in London

Shopping in London was a lot of fun.  I love exploring stores that we don't have here in the states.  I couldn't get enough of Oxford Street, shops in SoHo, and Piccadilly Circus.  Here are some highlights worth noting:

Liberty - a super posh store featuring everything from designer clothes, vintage ware, and housewares, to fabrics and yarns.  Set in a charming Tudor building, the store is uniquely designed to feel like you are wondering around someone's home.  While I was determined to find something I could afford, I walked away empty handed. However, I did enjoy seeing beautiful items by talented designers I admire.  I may have drooled a bit on an Alexander McQueen dress.  A girl can dream.

You all know I love shoes.  Some of my favorites are Fly London, so I was beside myself when I saw one of their stores (none in the states).  I didn't end up buying a pair of shoes there, but was happy to see some new styles unfamiliar to me. The kids shoes were adorable.  So glad my kids are picky old enough that I'm not tempted to buy them any.

One shoe store from which I did buy a pair of great shoes was Office.  I walked in when I saw Tom's Shoes in the window.  Jackpot!  This shop sold great brands (Fly London included) and I immediately picked up 3 pairs to try on.  I ended up purchasing these wedges.  J'adore!

Topshop is another great store that features up and coming designers.  I stopped by this store twice on my quest to find something I had to have.  My second visit, close to closing, took me to their lovely shoe department.  There I found these great flats

Also in their shoe department, much to my dismay, was this pedicure station which I had read about in a magazine months ago.  You sit with your feet immersed in a tank of water while tiny fish nibble on the dead skin of your feet.  You couldn't pay me enough to stick my toes in that water.  I have issues with things touching my feet in murky water as it is (thanks Jaws and Friday the 13th).  I can imagine what this feels like and now I have goosebumps all over just thinking about it.  Of course, Chris thought this was fascinating.  I'm glad it was minutes from closing or I'm sure he'd have tried it.  You can read more about this wacky craze here.

Next up, some great sites.  I must admit that I'm not too motivated to do anything other than pack and tie up loose ends before moving.  You may see some frantic posts before I get around to writing about the great museums and gardens in London.  I'm just warning you.  If you have a minute and can stop in to give my hand a cyber squeeze now and then, I'd appreciate it.  I'm a woman on the edge of losing her mind.

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