Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY slingshot a.k.a. boy's toys

slingshot, originally uploaded by alamodestuff.
E, my 9yo, made this slingshot the other day. I'll admit, It's impressive.

It has taken me years to get over the weapon fascination boys seem to naturally have. No matter how hard I've tried, they found a way to make something life threatening out of nothing. Reminds me of my friend's story about her little one chewing his toast into the shape of a gun. That's when you know it's a loosing battle.

My oldest, soon to be 14, had said he'll be in therapy for years due to my not letting him have a Nerf gun until he was well past 10 years. Oh well, I'll happily foot the bill. My youngest now has an arsenal of Nerf guns. I gave up.

Do you have a losing battle with your kids?


  1. I identify with this battle. How is it a four year old boy instantly knows to use the letter "L" in a wooden puzzle as a gun? I hadn't thought of that once in the last 37 years! Jack still doesn't have a Nerf gun. He has an arsenal of (disturbingly realistic) water guns and light sabers, hopefully those will stave off the need for therapy.

  2. Oh, the woes of the Nerf gun issue!
    We officially surrendered to that battle last Christmas, boys were 12, 7 and 5...so I guess it's true, it does pay to be the youngest!

    We're holding our ground on some other areas though (shoot 'em up video games...no way!) and any toys guns of the non-Nerf variety.


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