Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th, 2010 - easy red white and blue strawberry treats

Yesterday, I saw this easy to make dessert on Twitter. Today the boys and I made them for tomorrow's 225th Annual 4th of July parade in Bristol, RI. [I'll fill you in on this event tomorrow or Tuesday.]

Thanks to @DaisyJanie who retweeted a link to @PaulaPrass's blog post about these yummy treats (see her post here).

3 ingredients/3 easy steps:
3 ingredients - red white blue strawberries

white chocolate (I used chips)
blue sugar

1) We melted the white chocolate chips in an extra small sauce pan with a little half and half. [After attempting to melt via microwave and stove top, the half and half thinned the chocolate enough to keep it melted and consistent for dipping.]

2) We dipped the strawberries in the melted chocolate letting the excess chocolate drip off.

3) Lastly, we dipped it in the blue sugar and placed them on parchment paper. Yum!

You may have to eat the ones you deem not suitable for your guests.  We certainly had a few that were messed up accidentally on purpose.

We couldn't let any chocolate go to waste, so we dipped pretzels in what was remaining.

pretzels dipped in white chocolate

Happy 4th everyone!  Enjoy!


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