Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hump Day Humor - You know you are too busy when... can't answer an email so you pick up the phone and make a call. That is what I did this morning. Having to answer a friend's email but not having the time to sit at my computer, I simply picked up the phone and called her. We both had a laugh, but I managed to put hangtags on my items as we chatted. Who'da thunk.

The Foundry Show opens tomorrow night. I have some booth pics to share soon. My hands are numb from all the sewing.!! This is such a crazy busy time of year.

Off to make handstitch another pillow whilst watching some bad TV. Hope all is well and I'll be back soon!


  1. I hear yah! I only like to talk on the phone when I can do something else...make the bed, fold laundry, put away dishes...and I hate to do those things so I don't talk on the phone much!

    Keep going, you're almost done! WooHoo!

  2. I often do a better job at the mundane stuff like emptying the dishwasher, picking up the house when i am on the phone. Neither seems like such a waste of time then, i guess. Hang in there. I'm sorry i can't make the opening tonight. Have fun!


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