Friday, August 28, 2009

Poaching made easy with Poachpods

We love to make eggs Benedict in our house (with a super easy hollendaise sauce packet from my local grocery store). I've been keeping an eye out for a poacher and found these Poachpods at my local hardware store, of all places. Made of flexible silicone, these pods can also be used for molding and baking.

These are great! I've never poached eggs so nicely and I love the rounded shape. They come in packs of two, so I'll have to buy another set.


  1. Hooray! Thanks for posting this! Went looking for something to poach with recently and came home emptyhanded b/c they were either plastic or teflon. And I don't use either of those with food if possible.

  2. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one looking for this obscure little kitchen aid. These are really great.

  3. I just ordered from the link - I am always breaking my yolks when scooping the eggs out of the water-love these!

  4. I used these this morning! I sprayed them with non stick spray and ran a butter knife along the edge just to make sure they come out whole. Then, I pushed the pod from the outside in and they came out perfectly!


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