Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get to know Beans and Things!

I really enjoyed reading the comments from my recent "Get to know you" giveaway. I actually learned a lot about many of you: a first time pregnancy, a guac breakfast eater, pinkies that don't extend fully, and a photoshop fanatic, just to name a few highlights (see all comments).

As a bonus for the chosen entry, I decided that I'd introduce her to you as well. She has a very cute shop on Etsy called Beans Things where you can find nature inspired and eco friendly glass jewelry and more. Check out her shop and say hello!

"My name is Jeanna....but it is pronounced as "Gina". I have my degree in Criminal Justice...but here I am making nature inspired jewelry! I am a Chicago native at heart....relocated to AZ. I think I could eat anything Italian every day. I love Vanilla Coke, Squirt with Cranberry juice, Orange juice and lemonade!"


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